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Process service isn't just one thing we offer - it's what we are all about. Our clients depend on us because we are the best. We understand and comply with local clerk's rules, as well as the Code of Virginia. Our trained servers and office staff have been with us for years so they know the business.

We are:

  • Diligent - We utilize multiple resources to find people.
  • Accurate - We have processes in place to ensure your request is handled quickly and correctly - and we are always refining our system to make sure we are meeting your needs.
  • Accountable - We keep detailed information on all services and provide information to you on all "no serves."
  • Flexible - If you have special needs, we can handle those. Our knowledgeable staff can assess your requirements and determine how to best help you.

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Two great reasons to do business with us - our Automated Notification System and Service Tracking Application

Automated Notification System

Once your papers have been updated and are prepared for their return to court, our automated notification system sends you an email alerting you that your request is complete.

Service Tracking Application

The status of your papers and a recap of your service from the last 60 days are available in our Client Area.


What are our rates?

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