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Who is The Marston Agency?

The Marston Agency was co-founded in 1986 by Tom Marston. His background in law enforcement made starting a process service business a natural next step for him. His team of servers has military and law enforcement backgrounds so they know how to handle difficult situations.

Connie Denby has been with The Marston Agency for 20 years and is the Director of Virginia Operations. Each regional office is coordinated by Connie and her team in Richmond. Their knowledge of process service and understanding of client needs means every time you call, email or fax, you are getting the best possible customer service

What services do you provide?

We are Virginia's fastest, most reliable process servers.

What areas do you serve?

We work in Virginia but can offer referrals for process services in other states and around the globe. See the map of our service area for more information about our Virginia network.

What makes The Marston Agency different?

It's our customer service - we are responsive to your needs. It's our professionalism - we understand we represent not just ourselves but your firm when we serve papers. It's our trained staff - we know how important timeliness and accuracy are in this business. Learn more about what makes The Marston Agency different, and the best choice for your firm.

Why should I use The Marston Agency instead of the sheriff's department?

The sheriff's department does perform process service but oftentimes they don't do the tracing needed to locate hard-to-find individuals, don't offer the level of customer service you need and are slower to handle your request. Also, they are bound by jurisdictional lines and do not give information on "no serves."

Should I be concerned about my process server having insurance?

Insurance is not a requirement in Virginia. But think about it, process servers drive while distracted 100% of the time - what if there is an incident during the service of process? Could your organization be liable for damages incurred while a process server is acting as an agent of your firm? Our liability and errors & omissions insurance means you are protected.


What are our rates?

See how Virginia's best process server is also affordable.